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Serious Injuries Attorney in Greenwood, South Carolina

Skilled Greenwood Personal Injury Lawyer Handling Catastrophic Injury Claims Throughout South Carolina

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Americans make an average of 42 million injury-related visits to the emergency room every year. Approximately 25 percent of patients who enter the emergency room for an injury are eventually admitted to the hospital due to the severity of their injuries. Five percent of patients who seek emergency medical care for their injuries are admitted into a critical care unit, due to the potentially catastrophic, even life-threatening nature of their accident.

If you or your loved one suffered a very serious injury in an accident, you need professional legal representation. All responsible parties must be held accountable and your family needs financial support. At Powers Law, LLC, our South Carolina personal injury attorney fights aggressively to help victims get justice and the maximum available financial compensation. To set up a free, fully private initial consultation, please contact our Greenwood law office today.

Personal Injury Cases We Handle in South Carolina

Our law firm is committed to protecting the rights of people who were seriously injured or disabled by accidents. No matter the nature and severity of your injuries, we are prepared to take immediate action to protect your rights and connect you with the resources that you need to heal. Our South Carolina personal injury lawyer represents clients across a wide range of serious injury cases, including:

  • Car accidents;

  • Motorcycle crashes;

  • Trucking accidents;

  • Pedestrian collisions;

  • Bicycle accidents; and

  • Workplace injuries.

How to Prove Liability in A Personal Injury Claim

In South Carolina, most personal injury claims are brought under the state’s negligence standard. As described by the Cornell Legal Information Institute, negligence is the failure to act or behave with the level of care that an ordinary person would have used in a similar situation.

What constitutes negligence will always depend on the unique circumstances of the case. That being said, if another party—whether it is a motorist, a business, a manufacturer, or a property owner—acted in a careless or reckless manner and a serious accident occurred as a result, you need to speak to an experienced South Carolina personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. You may be entitled to financial compensation.

All successful serious injury claims are built on a sturdy and reliable foundation of carefully documented supporting evidence. Your accident should be comprehensively investigated by a top-rated attorney. As soon as you get in touch with our office, our team will take swift action to determine exactly what happened and to gather the evidence needed to prove liability.

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Serious Injuries Deserve Serious Compensation

Proving liability is only one step in the personal injury claim process. To recover the maximum available financial compensation, you must also establish your damages. Sadly, overly aggressive insurance companies will use every tactic in the book to try to reduce your settlement. When they know liability is clear, they will focus on limiting the value of your settlement, potentially even trying to blame you for part of your own accident. At Powers Law, LLC, our Greenwood, SC serious injury lawyer has the skills and experience needed to level the playing field. We can help you seek financial compensation for:

  • Emergency room care;

  • Medical expenses;

  • Rehabilitative services;

  • Psychological counseling;

  • Lost wages;

  • Diminished earning capacity;

  • Pain and suffering;

  • Mental distress;

  • Permanent scarring;

  • Permanent disability; and

  • Reduced quality of life.

In some cases, punitive damages may also be awarded on top of compensatory damages (S.C. Code Ann § 15-32-510). Punitive damages are essentially penalty damages meant to punish extraordinarily bad actions by a defendant. While not available in your average personal injury claim, punitive compensation may be granted if a victim suffered a severe injury as a result of a defendant’s willful misconduct or extremely reckless actions.

Special Considerations in Catastrophic Injury Claims

One of the many challenges of dealing with a catastrophic injury claim is the victim is often left to deal with a long-term disability or a permanent impairment. It is crucial that a plaintiff is able to recover that maximum available financial compensation—fully accounting for the future impact of their injuries.

To start, this means that future medical bills, rehabilitative services, and loss of earning potential must be considered. Unfortunately, insurance companies will often try to undervalue these types of damages. You need an experienced serious injury lawyer who knows how to recover fair and just compensation for future damages.

Additionally, severely injured victims will have substantial non-economic damages. They have been forced to endure tremendous pain and suffering along with emotional distress. Beyond that, they may also have permanent scarring and impairments related to these accidents. These damages must be considered and accounted for in any settlement offer.

Why Trust Michelle Powers to Handle Your
Serious Injury Case

Michelle Powers is an experienced South Carolina catastrophic injury lawyer who knows how to handle even the most complex and challenging of serious injury cases. Attorney Powers graduated Cum Laude from the School of Nursing at Lander University in Greenwood, SC. For nearly a decade, she worked as a registered nurse (RN) in an emergency room and in a post-open heart surgery intensive care unit. She has truly unique experience assisting injured victims—understanding both the legal and medical side of these difficult cases. When you get in touch with our law office, you will get fully personalized, attentive legal representation that is focused on doing what is best for you and your family.

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At Powers Law, LLC, our top-rated South Carolina personal injury attorney has the skills, experience, and training needed to handle the full range of catastrophic injury claims. If you or your loved one suffered a serious injury in an accident, we are here to help. For a free, no-obligation initial consultation, please contact our law firm right away. With an office in Greenwood, we represent injured victims throughout the region, including in Newberry, Saluda, Abbeville, and Laurens.