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Holiday Car Accidents: How To Stay Safe During the Most Dangerous Time of The Year

Mpowerslaw Dec. 14, 2019

While the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s may be one of the most joyous times of the year, complete with holiday cheer and time spent with family and friends, it’s also one of the most dangerous times of the year. To be sure, car accidents tend to spike during the holidays. Whether you’re getting your holiday shopping done, heading to the grocery store for last-minute holiday meal ingredients, or traveling long-distance to a family member’s home, it’s key that you understand the risks and how to stay safe.

Take an Alternative Route

One reason for the increase in traffic accidents during the holidays is simply because of an increase in congestion and more cars on the road, which increases the risk of a crash. Note that in addition to more drivers on the road, many of these drivers may be unfamiliar with the area and the route, as they are traveling in from out of town If you know that the road is going to be busy, consider taking an alternative one. At the very least, plan your route in advance so you’re not distracted by checking directions constantly.

Be Aware of Drunk Drivers

Drunk driving around the holidays is one of the primary causes of crashes. To be sure, the U.S. Department of Transportation reports that over a five-year period, an average of 300 people died in drunk driving crashes between the week of Christmas and New Year’s. If you notice any drivers who are swerving, driving erratically, or exercising dangerous behaviors, find a safe space to pull over and call 9-1-1 immediately.

You can also do your part to eliminate drunk driving by committing to always driving while sober. Further, if you attend holiday parties and notice friends about to drive while impaired, take their keys and call them a cab. You may be saving their or someone else’s life.

Eliminate Distractions

When roads are congested, more drivers are out and about, and the risk of being involved in an accident is higher than normal, one of the best things that you can do to stay safe is to eliminate distractions. In fact, distracted driving is a top killer on our state’s roadways year-round, not just during the holidays. Put your phone away, keep your attention on the road, and resist the urge to attend to child passengers.

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