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When Is the Right Time to Contact an SSD Attorney?

Mpowerslaw July 16, 2021

If you can’t work because of a physical disability or medical condition, you might be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. Whether you’ve just decided to apply for SSD benefits or have already submitted an application, you might be wondering if and when you should contact an SSD attorney to help secure the benefits you need.

When Is the Right Time to Hire an SSD Lawyer?

As soon as possible! It’s ideal to hire an SSD attorney early in your application process. An experienced attorney can help you with the SSD benefits application and greatly improve your chances of having your application approved.

Unfortunately, the majority of SSD applicants are denied on initial review. But most denied applicants aren’t represented by legal counsel. In many cases, government bureaucrats deny applications because the applicant failed to provide sufficient information with their forms. By hiring an SSD lawyer before filing your application, you can have an expert ensure that your application has all the necessary information. That way, you can avoid a denial based solely on a lack of supporting evidence or improperly completed forms.

If your initial SSD application was denied, it’s not too late to hire an SSD lawyer. You have 60 days from the denial of your claim to appeal. So, if you received notice of your claim’s denial, get an SSD lawyer right away to give them time to review your case and prepare an appeal on your behalf. The more time you give your attorney to help you with an SSD application appeal, the greater chance you have of appealing your claim successfully. In other words, acting fast can help you get the money you deserve.

If you’re worried about the costs of hiring an SSD lawyer, you should know that regulations limit how much attorneys can charge for helping with SSD benefits applications. For example, if your claim is approved and you receive back-pay for benefits you’ve were entitled to, your attorney can only earn which every is lower of $6,000 or 25 percent of your back-award. Any additional costs associated with your claim are normally due only once you’ve successfully obtained benefits. That means you likely won’t pay anything until you get your SSD benefits.

Advantages to Hiring a Lawyer

Hiring a Social Security Disability lawyer can benefit your application enormously. These important advantages include:

  • Explaining your eligibility for SSD benefits

  • Helping you understand your rights while you pursue your application

  • Ensuring all of the notices that you receive from the Social Security Administration in plain language

  • Helping you collect the medical records that you need to establish your qualifying disability

  • Assisting you with scheduling additional disability evaluation testing to bolster your claim

  • Preparing you for in-person hearings on your SSD benefits claim, including explaining what questions to expect at the hearing

  • Arranging for medical experts to provide written opinions and testify on your behalf

  • Advocating on your behalf at an appeal or disability hearing

  • Taking your claim to court if litigation is the best way to seek the SSD benefits you need

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If you are permanently disabled from gainful employment and believe you might be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, call or contact Powers Law. You can get a consultation with an experienced South Carolina SSD lawyer and discuss your legal rights. We can explain options for seeking disability benefits today so that you can learn how having knowledgeable legal representation in your corner can help maximize your chances of getting the benefits you need.